Sagittarius Black, Brooklyn native, is high on the rise. Sag has performed all his life and started rapping at the age of 15. Sag released his debut project “Burden of Proof” in 2008, after being featured in countless mixtapes. He’s built a stable music catalog with works like 2010’s critically acclaimed mixtape “The Primary”. He’s nicknamed “The lyrical rubix cube” because his lyrics are not too complicated but they definitely make you think.┬áMost recently, Sag Black delivered his “The Ides of December” EP in 2011 and received raved reviews for his work on tracks such as Thuggish Ruggish, a remix of the Bone Thugs song by the same name.


Sagittarius Black has been featured on several sites including Vladtv.com, Ragomagazine.com, JaeCy.com and Encorestatus.com

Sag has hosted The Bronx Hip Hop Block Party and performed at the Bamboo Lounge, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Dumbo Loft, among others.